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Up Close

March '13

Up Close
photo © Martin de Witte |  tagcode: UPC0313

Take a look upclose, what unexpected things you can find? Or is it the perfect time to just play around with your macro objective?

Hortus Botanicus

23 Mar '13 13:00 by Jeroen Idema in Amsterdam

On Saturday the 23rd of March we will head to the Hortus Botanicus in the Center of Amsterdam. Here we will have the upportunity to shoot a wide variety of plants (more than 4000 sorts), insects and also butterflies. If you have  macro lens, this is the time to bring it! See you at the […]

Bright Colours

27 Mar '13 13:30 by Marieke van der Perk in The Hague

A colourful meeting at the Holi Festival in The Hague! This festival is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. It involves  covering everyone in colored powder and water… It takes place at Wijkpark Transvaal, so let’s meet up on the corner of Delftselaan and Monstersestraat. Beware that you and your camera will possibly get quite colourful/dirty! So […]

Colourful at Holi Phagwa

27 Mar '13 14:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Rotterdam

This month we are going to visit the Holi Phagwa Festival in Rotterdam. We gather at Station Blaak from there we walk to the Binnenrotte where the festival will take place. !!!!! We gather at street level at the tram platform! !!!!!!! Please make sure you bring some sort of protection for your camera, and […]

Athens Up Close

27 Mar '13 15:00 by Jean-Baptiste Perrin in Athens, Greece

This meeting is on Saturday the 30th March, at 15h00 (local time). We will meet in Syntagma square, at the top of the metro station steps, to wander the city and discover how in this early spring nature is taking over Athens. Between cracks of stones, holes in the pavement, gardens, balconies and other public […]

Ltd. Exposition at Lungo

29 Mar '13 17:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

This month Urban Photo Collective is featured at the Espresso Bar Lungo. Friday at the Central District Drink we will open our first Rotterdam exposition at the place where it all started. Be welcome! Music by our one-and-only DJ Giovanni Discotelli!

Discovering the Leijpark

30 Mar '13 11:00 by Jan van der Meer in Tilburg

This month we’ll visit the Leijpark in Tilburg. The Leijpark is Tilburgs largest park which was developed in the early 1930’s. Let’s try to discover parts of the old “leij” stream and it’s beauty “Up Close”, with or without your macro lens. we wil meet in the backyard of the “Elisabeth Hospital” on the Leijweg. […]

Hortus Botanicus

30 Mar '13 11:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Utrecht

Up Close is focused on the Hortus in Utrecht en we gather on March 30th at 11:00 pm at the entrance of the Botanic Gardens Utrecht. The Botanic Gardens are at the University Campus. Address: Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht. Entrance: € 6.50 p.p. More information about the Botanic Gardens Utrecht Please check the facebook […]

Up close in Prinsentuin

30 Mar '13 14:30 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

This month we go to Prinsentuin for macro photography, let’s hope there will be some early spring flowers. We meet at the entry of Oldehove at 14:30.