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Urban Art Revisited

April '12

Urban Art Revisited
photo © Mylene de Ruijter | tagcode: UPC0412

Urban art, al kinds of art, from old staues to graffiti.

City Graffiti

04 Apr '12 12:00 by Jan van der Meer in Tilburg

Urban Art comes in various forms, today we are going to capture some great “urban” graffiti artwork.

Hidden treasures

08 Apr '12 15:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

We will visit a hidden place in the center of Leeuwarden, full of urban art. Let’s meet sunday around 15:00 at Mata Hariplein to visit the Molensteeg and Wolvesteeg.     2012-04-08 15:00:00 Urban Art Revisited We will visit a hidden place in the center of Leeuwarden, full of urban art. Let’s meet sunday around 15:00 […]

Art of movement

15 Apr '12 09:30 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

Art has many forms. And this month we can take a look at the human art. The art of movement. Is it realy art, who cares. At least it’s a good excuse to shoot at the anual Marathon in Rotterdam.

A literal “Revisited”

15 Apr '12 11:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Breukelen

A literal “revisited”. In 2010 we were here for the first time, and now we go back to the old factory building in Breukelen. In the factory building is beautiful graffiti.

Earth Day

22 Apr '12 13:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Arnhem

We meet in Sonsbeek Park where “Earth Day” is held. In and around the Visitor Center Sonsbeek is a lot to do.

Urban Exploring

22 Apr '12 15:00 by Marieke van der Perk in The Hague

Time for some Urban Exploring in a part of The Hague we don’t visit very often.

NDSM Art site

24 Apr '12 19:30 by Jeroen Idema in Amsterdam

We go to the NDSM Art Site at night for a change.

Emmen meets Groningen

28 Apr '12 14:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Groningen

Urban Art Revisited ….. at Groningen It’s time to leave our home city Emmen and take a look at the Urban Art of Groningen.