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Morning Madness

May '13

Morning Madness
photo © Jurgen Rijsdijk | tagcode: UPC0513

Rush Hour on the streets or at the bathroom, the first sunlight or a bakery, an auction and other activities from people awake at an early hour before the city awakes.

Leeuwarden early morning

05 May '13 06:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

Let’s snap Leeuwarden at early morning! To make sure we catch some early sunlights we meet at 6:00. We meet at 6:00 at the bridge between Tesselschadestraat and Langemarktstraat.

Be good or else

10 May '13 11:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Rotterdam

If you have done something wrong you could end up in this building for a short stay or for quite a while. They buzz you in and lock the gate and door behind you. After you have been processed you will be brought to your room where they will close the door behind you and […]

Controversy Bosch & Duin

18 May '13 20:00 by Jan van der Meer in Tilburg region

Morning Madness In controversy of the morning madness in a city we’re going to capture the serenity of nature and a setting sun.. it’s going to be a nice evening walk, meetingpoint is “Bosch & Duin” (http://goo.gl/maps/Yvc56) Jan

Silent Beach

20 May '13 09:00 by Marieke van der Perk in The Hague

It’s, oh, so quiet. It’s, oh, so still… At the Scheveningen beach at 9.00. Meetingpoint is the end of Zwarte Pad parkingplace.

Hectic at the Albert Cuyp

25 May '13 10:00 by Jeroen Idema in Amsterdam

On Saturday the 25th of May we will start early and visit the busy Albert Cuyp Market. We will meet at 10:00 on Marie Heinekenplein in Front of Café Kale de Grote. From there we will walk to the martket. If you travel by public transport you can get there with tram 16 or 24 and get […]