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Perfect Panorama

June '15

Perfect Panorama

break out the boundaries of your viewfinder and create the perfect panorama.

industrial panorama

07 Jun '15 11:00 by Marieke van der Perk in Antwerpen

Meetingpoint: Parkeerplaats Rijnkaai ter hoogte van de Amsterdamstraat (waar de kranen langs de Schelde staan)

Urban Photo Collective Hamburg: Perfect Panorama

21 Jun '15 11:00 by Anna Koy in Hamburg

For the Meeting in june we will shoot with models again. It will start at 11:00 at the Lichtwerk Studio. Models and outfits are provided. Participants need to register via this Facebook event or via Anna: 0049-4057242945. Registration is required!

360 degrees of view

21 Jun '15 19:00 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

It has been quite a while since Laura traded Rotterdam in for London. So there where no events in the past few months. Right now it’s time to have a new event in this months theme “Perfect Panorama”. I have a location in mind that will give you the opportunity to create this “Perfect Panorama”. […]

Panorama van de Oldehove

27 Jun '15 13:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

We gaan een mooie panorama vanaf de Oldehove maken. Start is om 13:00 aan de voet van de Oldehove, entreekosten €3,50.

Down Town

28 Jun '15 14:00 by Laura Bergshoef in London

Hello fellow photographers. At the 28th of June we’re going down town to shoot culture, interesting looking people and above that, eat!. All this will happen at Brick Lane, a very cultural, vintage, and interesting place in London. We meet in front of the famous Cereal Bar ( called cereal killer) at 2 PM. For those […]