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Festival Fever

August '12

Festival Fever
photo © Michiel Fokkema | tagcode: UPC0812

We like our festivals, can’t live without. Always a source of inspiration!

Summer Carnaval

28 Jul '12 12:00 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

We are going to cheat a little bit with the date of this meeting, because it’s not possible to plan a festival on a date we like. So we cheat 4 days and meet on the 28th of July for the Summer Carnaval in the city center of Rotterdam. 

Ltd. PhotoCocktail Kickoff

03 Aug '12 17:30 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

From now on every first friday of the month we celebrate the weekend with drinks, snacks and a surprise theme, act or speaker at Urban Photo Collective HQ. Photographers, models & friends are welcome to join in!

In Ecstasy

05 Aug '12 15:30 by Urban Photo Collective in Utrecht

We are going to take picture’s at The festival In Vervoering (ecstasy)  on August 5th, location Park Lepelenburg.

Theater Avenue

11 Aug '12 13:45 by Urban Photo Collective in Arnhem

We meet at Witte Villa at the Sonsbeek Theater Avenue. Over 40theater, music, cabaret acts. In nostalgic tents and outdoor theater settings.

Into the Grave

11 Aug '12 17:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

On Saturday, August 11th there will be another edition of the successful metal festival “Into the Grave” at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof. The Urban Photo Collective is premitted to go into the photopit for the stage photos of the band and the audience.


19 Aug '12 15:00 by Thea Sijtsma in Amsterdam

On Sunday the 19th of August we are going to the Parade (De Parade) that will we located at the Martin Luther Kingpark at the Amsteldijk.


25 Aug '12 19:30 by Jan van der Meer in Oisterwijk

In 2012’m the town of Oisterwijk, east of Tilburg, is celebrating their 800 years of cityrights, this will be the largest free summer festival this year.

Reboot Live

25 Aug '12 21:00 by Marieke van der Perk in Scheveningen

A warm summer night, happy people, a view at the sea and some jamming… sounds perfect for Festival Fever! 
F.A.S.T. Scheveningen is welcoming us again.

Full Colour Festival

26 Aug '12 13:30 by Urban Photo Collective in Emmen

The multicolored Full Colour Festival in downtown Emmen is a multicultural festive ith various movements in music, dance and theater.

Acropolis Blue Moon

31 Aug '12 22:00 by Jean-Baptiste Perrin in Athens

In August it is Akropolis Blue Moon”. In de night of August 31rd Augustus its full moon and the Akropolis will be open, free of charge.