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Bright Light

August '15

Bright Light
photo © Erik van Houdt | tagcode: UPC0815

Playing around with artificial light, bright sunny backlights, lens-flares. Go for it!

Camden town

09 Aug '15 13:00 by Laura Bergshoef in London

Hello photographer buddies ! Who is going to join the meeting at Camden town for some urban shots? Camden town is a market with lots of alien architecture, food, vintage, inspiring people and it’s really alive! It will be one of the most out of space places you will ever see. All you need is […]


15 Aug '15 19:30 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

The theme is “Bright Light”, so I was thinking about what to do with this. My first thought was a lighthouse with a long exposure. Unfortunately we don’t have one in Rotterdam that is working on daily basis, so what to do then. Well we could do some long exposure with day light. It’s a […]

Low sunlight

20 Aug '15 20:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

Laag direct zonlicht. We fotograferen van 8 tot 9, met een lage zon op de Nieuwestad. Ontmoeten bij het beeld van paard.

Bright Light

23 Aug '15 14:00 by Rene de Wit in Rotterdam

If it’s (to) dark you will need some bright light to make nice photo’s. We have asked the one and only Brendan de Clercq to explain to us how the new Profoto B2 system works. For this meeting we ask an admission of € 7,50 Please subscribe at our Facebook event.

bright light

30 Aug '15 11:00 by Marieke van der Perk in Vlissingen

Struinen door Vlissingen langs festiviteiten, schepen, over de boulevard, etc. tijdens Vlissingen Maritiem | Vlissingen 700 We verzamelen bovenaan de trap op de Oranjedijk, ter hoogte van de Oranjestraat. www.vlissingenmaritiem.nl