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I see faces

September '12

I see faces
photo © Tjeerd Knier | tagcode: UPC0912

It’s a bit scary, are you up to shoot some portraits of strangers?


02 Sep '12 11:00 by Jan van der Meer in Breda

This month it will be a verry special meeting for two cities. In context to this months theme both cities will make a trip to Another city. It will be “Tilburg meets Rotterdam in Breda to see a lot of faces” and we realy mean a LOT of them. On this day, thousands of Redheads […]

Ltd. PhotoCocktail Movie Night

07 Sep '12 17:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

It’s movie night at the second edition of the PhotoCocktail! Our screen? a photography backdrop of course! Make it comfi bring a pillow and relax! We’ll have drinks and popcorn. Movie starts at 20:00.

Sportive faces

09 Sep '12 10:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Arnhem

Sunday, September 9 is the 27th Bridge to Bridge run. A great opportunity to capture sports ‘faces’. At the start, in between, or with a big smile at the finish!

Ltd. Meet the Fokker

09 Sep '12 11:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Schiphol

Now hear this! We have a special occasion next sunday morning for a limited group of people (15). Gert (@postman) made the arrangements to get very close to, and take pictures of an old Fokker F27 Friendship. Meeting starts at 11.00 at the HQ Delta Development Group, Taurisavenue 60 Hoofddorp. If you want to +join, […]

Get lost on the river of Kings

16 Sep '12 13:00 by Kalle Siebring in Bangkok

On Sunday 16th September 2012 from 13:00 hours, Urban Photo Collective (UPC) organizes yet another informal photo walk. This month’s theme is “I see faces”. We have found some lovely faces: those of our miniature LEGO models!

I see faces in everything

18 Sep '12 19:30 by Jeroen Idema in Amsterdam

On Tuesday the 18th of September we are going to meet at the “Nieuwmarkt”, to search for faces in everything: in this area, ‘faces’ in buildings, ‘faces’ in cars or bikes, ‘faces’ in stickers, etc. Just be creative!

Street Photography

22 Sep '12 13:00 by Urban Photo Collective in The Hague

The Hague is a perfect place for street photography. The compact city center makes it easy to see the different sides of the city life.

Portrait Street Photography

22 Sep '12 16:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

Saturday 22nd of september we will go search for faces in building in and near the “Grote Kerkstraat”. We also can ask people on the street for a photo (portrait streetphotography), let’s see what’s possible. Let’s meet at 16:00 at the entrance of Museum Prinsessenhof   2012-09-22 16:00:00 I see faces Saterday 22nd of september […]

Greek Tragedy

29 Sep '12 16:00 by Jean-Baptiste Perrin in Athens

Greek classic masks ans puppet theater. In September, the Athens Urban Photo Collective will hold its second meeting. According to our international schedule, the theme is “I see faces”.

Red Carpet

02 Oct '12 19:00 by Urban Photo Collective in Utrecht

We’re going to take pictures of famous Dutch faces at the start of the NTR Kort Première of the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht (Stadsschouwburg) Date October 2nd. We gather in front of the Stadsschouwburg to get our press badges at 19h.