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October '12

photo © Jeroen de Jongh | tagcode: UPC1012

Overexposed its a photographical term, but you can see it in another light too, maybe a landmark that is photographed too much.


07 Oct '12 10:00 by Jan van der Meer in Den Bosch

This nice sunday morning we’ll be the guests of “Heijmans Wegenbouw” who are renovating the A2 highway near den bosch. This weekend the A2 will be completely closed for all traffic so that the they can widen and put new tarmac on, this is going to be the last day of this three day highway closure. […]

Time Square Rotterdam

12 Oct '12 19:00 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

From the 12th to 28th of October the Schouwburgplein will be transformed into Time Square Rotterdam. Travel through the city’s history based on a timeline, sounds, and beautiful stories about the Rotterdam of the past, present and future! The outdoor exhibition shows the development of the city. Theme of this year’s exhibition will be “Rotterdam street […]


18 Oct '12 19:30 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

It’s autumn so let’s try something completely differerent this month; rain photography. We start at 19:00 on a thursdayevening (shops will be open) in center of Leeuwarden and hope for (some) rain. Inspiration can be the French photographer Christophe Jacrot. No rain? Let’s try to catch all city lights with some over exposure. For every photographer […]

White Monks

20 Oct '12 06:00 by Kalle Siebring in Bangkok

Hello early birds, this Saturday 20 October, from 06:00-08:00 am, there will be a special alms offering to 2,600 monks. It’s Benjasiri Park, next to Emporium, BTS Phrom Pong. This will definitely provide for some good photot opportunities. Who wants to join me? If I’m not mistaken, the dress code is white. See http://www.wfbytoday.org/activities/buddhist-youth/hq-movement/145-special-alms-offering-to-the-2600-international-monks-on-20thoctober-2012.html 2012-10-20 06:00:00 […]


26 Oct '12 19:30 by Urban Photo Collective in Utrecht

We are going to explore Trajectum Lumen which is initiated by the city of Utrecht. This is an photographical exploratory expedition in the dark which takes in us to photograh artistically highlighted locations in the magnificent Utrecht city centre. We gather on Friday October 26th at 19:30 hrs in front of the Apollo Hotel at Vredenburg. […]

Halloween Parade!

27 Oct '12 19:45 by Thea Sijtsma in Amsterdam

This month we have a scary meeting at Fox Amsterdam Halloween Parade! The Parade is for vampires, witches, scary clowns, bats, zombies, monsters, demons, evil preachers, bleeding brides, creepy doctors and mummies. This is the largest Halloween Parade Netherlands through the center of Amsterdam. It is also a parade of Mutant Vehicles: mutilated, converted vehicles. We […]

Autumn Walk

28 Oct '12 13:30 by Marieke van der Perk in Wassenaar

Autumn walk in the dunes of Wassenaar. Low light and autumn colors. We meet at the big parkingplace halfway Meijendelseweg (at the roundabout). Please register (facebook event), so I know who to wait for. Host: Marieke van der Perk | 0625313532   2012-10-28 13:30:00 overexposed Autumn walk in the dunes of Wassenaar. Low light and autumn colors. […]

Ltd. Photococktail Halloween

31 Oct '12 17:30 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

This months theme is overexposed and with this drink you need to bring your cam, before you know it you will be overly exposed to all kinds of creatures. That’s right, this PhotoCocktail is two days early because of Halloween… Only on this night the whole Postoffice is open, it can be dark so bring […]