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November '13

photo © Thamar Kiemel | tagcode: UPC1113

Discover the deep dark caverns of your city.

Cars & Bikes

08 Nov '13 20:00 by Thomas Dral in Rotterdam

This month we meet in front of the Bildenberg Hotel at the corner of Rochussenstraat, Westersingel, from there we are going to the Blunder Pit and through the Museum & Euromast park to the Maastunnel. At the maastunnel we will enter through the pedestrian and bicycle entrance to look for some nice underground shots.


16 Nov '13 10:00 by Rene de Wit in Wassenaar

Did you always wanted to know where the Nuke Bombs were stored? We are realy going underground in the Atlantic Wall! The costs are  7.50 p.p. And the Photo’s can be used by the organisation free of rights.

Below Oldehoofsterkerkhof

16 Nov '13 15:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

On saterday 16 we go underground the parking garage of Oldehoofsterkerkhof. Starttime will be 15:00 (just after the Sinterklaasintocht just around the corner).

Let’s Glow Underground

16 Nov '13 19:00 by Jan van der Meer in Eindhoven

Let’s GLOW Underground, Quote from GLOW website :”The theme of GLOW 2013 is ‘Urban Playground’. The city is transformed into the playground of various light artists. Playing is written in our genes, we do it from childhood. In the daily grind, full set patterns and habits, we are not so aware of it, but in […]

Ltd. Zeitgeist shoot & exposition

23 Nov '13 11:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Gouda

This month, there’s one extra very special meeting and a great opportunity to show your photographic skills to the public. As Urban Photo Collective we’re asked to shoot for an exposition in Gouda! The theme for this extra meeting is “Zeitgeist” and just like a regular UPC shoot, create whatever you like! A selection of […]

Underground Stories

24 Nov '13 09:45 by Marieke van der Perk in Vlissingen

it’s cold and dark and moist these bricks tell stories life stories the history of Vlissingen/Flushing the place where Karel, Michiel and Napoleon meet meetingpoint: Zeilmarkt (square) a wide angle lens and tripod are essential parts of your equipment

Urban Tram Station

28 Nov '13 19:30 by Thea Sijtsma in Amsterdam

Thursday 28 November we will visit the old tram shed and Haarlemmermeer station, Amsterdam. We will meet at the Haarlemmer station, 19.30 hours. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Station_Amsterdam_Haarlemmermeer Hope to see you then! Jeroen, Jeroen, Thea