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February '13

photo © Fokko Muller |  tagcode: UPC0213

What makes something huge? Right!: Small in comparison next to it. Huge buildings, little people, up close and far away. Play with it!

PhotoCocktail: Huge Inspiration

08 Feb '13 18:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

In our theme of the month “Huge” we host a PhotoCocktail at Urban Photo Collective HQ accordingly. People are quite surprised how this little cute photo community has grown over the past years. Our story about the way we inspire people with our themes and open culture is one that is relevant for anyone, even […]

REM Isle

12 Feb '13 19:30 by Thea Sijtsma in Amsterdam

This month we will visit the REM eiland (www.remeiland.com) We kindly ask you to register on our Facebook event, as we would like to know for how many people we can make a reservation with the REM eiland. Please register before the 10th of February. We will meet at 19.30 at Central Station, at Starbucks […]

Little people in Leeuwarden

16 Feb '13 14:00 by Martin de Witte in Leeuwarden

This month we gonna do something alot of UPC meetings has done before: taking photos of small scale figures of miniature railroad like the picture above. Please bring some little people (available at store in Sint Jacobstraat) so we have enough to exchange during shoot. Also other props are welcome as long as it’s small. […]

Little People, Huge City

23 Feb '13 15:00 by Marieke van der Perk in The Hague

February 23 we will meet at 15.00 in front of the stairs at Spuiplein. We will do some exploring, some street photography, but most of all some experimenting with the topic ‘huge’. So bring some Playmobil, Lego, or whatever you think you need.


24 Feb '13 10:30 by Urban Photo Collective in Rotterdam

Perhaps there is snow, maybe there Sun or it is very wet. You can never know for sure. What we do know is that there is always something huge to be found between water and land. We meet at the Mariniers monument at Oostplein and from there we will walk the bridges. Old and new […]

Ltd. Photococktail Expo Workshop

28 Feb '13 19:00 by Thamar Kiemel in Rotterdam

First Friday of the month! At the end of the month (March 29) we will open an exposition at Lungo. So this night we talk how to execute this over drinks.